Do you love the rush that thrill rides offer? Why not visit the Gold Coast’s movie studio theme park? Invite the whole family and friends for an exciting day exploring and experiencing Warner Bros. Movie World’s thrill rides!

Let’s start with the moderate thrill rides.

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation

Though Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation offers a moderate thrill, you can expect that this fully indoor ride is equipped with all the excitement. There is special effects, projections, and lasers; not to mention, the carriage that moves forward and backward matching the scenario. The special effects can be quite intense for children and some adults so there is an age and height restrictions. Kids age 6 or has a height of 110cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

Ready to visit the Wild West Falls? Simply take a thrilling boat ride complete with spills and water action through Rio Bravo. Then get ready for a steep drop as you go way, way down the river. The Wild West Falls Adventure Ride is suitable for children but must be between 95 cm to 120 cm tall and accompanied by an adult.

Now for the maximum thrill rides!

DC Rivals HyperCoaster

How does the tallest, longest and fastest hypercoaster sound? DC Rivals HyperCoaster is the Southern Hemisphere’s ultimate ride with a 1.4-kilometre track. And if you are up for it, this ride also offers a Ride It Backwards experience. The minimum age for this ride is 7 years and a minimum height of 130 cm.

Green Lantern Coaster

How about riding a coaster with the steepest inverted drops? This ride has 48 metres track length and a speed of up to 66km/h. If you are ready for that, go ride the Green Lantern Coaster. Take note, riders must be 140 cm tall.

BATWING Spaceshot

Do you enjoy those drop tower rides? Then you will enjoy BATWING Spaceshot’s bungee-like bounces as the ride shoots you up 60 metres into the air at a speed of 72 km/h. Minimum height to ride this is 123 cm.


For extreme vertical climb and high speeds of 100 km/h in two seconds complete with special effects, the SUPERMAN Escape can give you that thrill. To ride the SUPERMAN Escape, riders must be between 140 cm – 196 cm tall only.

Doomsday Destroyer

Have you tried a suspended twin hammer ride? The Doomsday Destroyer is a 21-metre high looping ride. It’s also quite fast complete with intense special effects. This is only for riders between 130 cm – 200 cm tall.

Arkham Asylum

Are you ready for a full inversion and suspended looping coaster? The Arkham Asylum will surely give your stomach an unusual feeling as the coaster loops at the speed of 85km/h. This ride is only for people between 140 cm – 200 cm tall. If you plan on seating on the first four rows, the minimum height is 155 cm.

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