Going on a long island holiday would usually mean cheat days and even skipping your daily workout and exercise routines as you indulge in new flavours and just choose to idle the day away on the beautiful sands.

While you can’t avoid eating a lot or trying out sinfully delicious food, you can still try out many healthier alternatives while you’re on your holiday break on a beautiful island like Gold Coast. Although you may find yourself sitting back and relaxing on the golden stretch of sands, there will also be a lot of fun and adventure-filled activities that you should not miss out during your trip.

Since you’ll be out all day and not have enough time to go to the gym in your hotel or apartment, make sure to do a lot of walking or hiking in many scenic parks and walkways around the island. If you want an exciting outdoor adventure, head over to O'Reilly's Tree Top Walk at Lamington National Park and experience a walk through the amazing scenery around. You can enjoy the sights of the canopy of flowering and fruiting trees covered by vines as you explore the epiphytic orchids and ferns amidst the colourful birds and other animals on the tree tops.

To heal your tired muscles as well as your mind and soul, get a soothing massage and spa treatment at Ripple Mt Tamborine Massage, Day Spa and Beauty. Your spa treatment options include the totally comforting hot stone, the Russian deep tissue massage, seashell or the luscious chocolate massage.

For those who prefer to organic and vegan-friendly dishes, Gold Coast also has great options for you to choose from. Mandala Organic Arts Café offers scrumptious fresh and healthy food. Try the Garden Salada which is a mix of fresh leafy goodness with cherry tomatoes, carrot, beetroot and sprouts and their house-made salad dressing. They also have flavourful pizzas which are all made of organic ingredients. Must-try flavours are the Satay which is made with a sweet and salty satay base made with peanuts, coconut cream ginger, coriander seeds, cayenne pepper and agave topped with roast pumpkin, corn, broccoli florets, capsicum fresh tomato, cashew cheese and fresh herbs; and the Rustic Pumpkin which has a house-made Napoli base, leafy greens, cinnamon roasted pumpkin, eggplant, toasted walnuts, caramelized Spanish onion, kalamata olives, nut cheese and fresh herbs.

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